Business Managment Consultants can help at every stage

Consultants who will work with you from day one, through your growth and pivots, then moving on to what’s next. Business advice you can use, today, because we want you to get to your own goals faster.

Starting Your Business

Start with the end in mind: our Business Managment Consultants can work with you on business and financial strategy, planning, modelling, and fundraising.

Your Growth & Success

Growth with or without additional capital, our Corporate Finance Consultants can get you investor ready and deep dive into operational specifics to find actionable improvements.

When Trouble Comes

When there are conflicts, disputes, frauds, or you need another route to success via mergers, an exit strategy, or winding down responsibly, our Forensic Accountants can make it work for you.

“David Bailey is probably one of the most knowledgeable Consultants in his field. I have been working with David for several years and not only is a devoted and trusted venture partner he’s a joy to spend time with.”

Michael Levy

Owner & President at Michael I. Levy Enterprises Inc

Services tailored for you

Our broad experience means we can tailor our Business Managment Consultants’ services very specifically to your needs. Whatever your stage of growth or maturity.

For Founders On Their Journey

As founder or founding team of a rapid growth company which has found a market and is making some revenue, now you are thinking about how best to grow and whether to raise additional finance to enable rapid growth. Business Managment Consultants can help wiht every step.

Established Businesses On The Path To Growth

A technology enabled business creating new products or services and want to power up your innovation with a proven methodology that can accelerate profitable exploitation. You want to double your rate of revenue accumulation from innovation.

Expertise For VCs And Investors

Investors in a growth company, and it needs help to achieve its potential. You need someone who can act as your eyes and ears on the Board to provide serious challenge and support to the team, but who will have empathy with the struggles of growth founders without losing sight of the numbers.

For Businesses Assessing Their Options

Board of an SME that is facing financial or operational challenges and needs strategic advice and support to refocus, turnaround, or refinance the business. You want that advice to be useful immediately because time is precious.

“David has been helping me focus ideas for a (secret) new business project. He is challenging, direct, knowledgeable, and well networked. More than that, he is engaging and empathic to work with, and has bought out ideas and details that would have been missed otherwised. Only defect? Immense bills for strong black coffee, which he appears to consume constantly”

Pete Kirtley

Cofounder & Owner at Panic House Films LTD


A selection of the many great organisations It’s been a privilege to work with.

“I have worked with David on several projects. It’s his sheer intellectual horsepower that marks him out. As a colleague, he’s genuine; always straight forward. As a client, he’s equally straight forward. When David and I work together, we get stuff done.”


Director at Peter Charles Limited


We’re proud to be members of these trusted organisations because they help us work towards high quality client work as Business Management Consultants

“I have know David in Maulden, Bedfordshire, since we were managers at Deloittes and then when he was director at Black Cactus Games Limited. He is absolutley dedicated and focused on his job and an excellent colleague and client. He is knowledgeable and forthright and a pleasure to work with.”

Hillary Dell

Proprietor at B2B Chartered Accountants

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    “David’s eye for detail is magnificent and his ability to overcome hurdles and move ahead seamlessly worthy of commendation. David also has a knack of exercising vigilance in his approach to exercise diligence enabling you to proceed knowing someone is cautious about processes, deliverables and maintains high quality standards. It has been a pleasure knowing David and given an opportunity, I would never hesitate in reverting back to him for his professional abilities.”

    Kamlesh Thakur

    Chairman at Prime Investrade Limited

    “Through working with, or for David over the past six years in Cambridge, I have enjoyed his broad depth of business knowledge. He has huge energy to reach the ultimate goal, is painstaking in his attention to detail for all business areas; from the general investment and coordination of a company, through production to marketing potential. Always a positive force, I look forward to working with him for many years to come.”


    MD at Moviestorm Limited

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