Our Mission

As Business Management Consultants, Our Mission is to help the best small companies double their growth rates and halve their risk levels. We will do this by providing accurate, reliable, trustworthy, and immediately actionable strategic advice and execution to founders and Boards of growth companies.

David J W Bailey

Founder and Managing Director of DJWB & CO

As business doctor and business management consult for over 20 years, I ensure founders and investors set off in the right direction to maximise their chances of reaching mutual objectives, and that we proceed together at pace, without breaking anything or anyone irreplaceable on the way.

If they have hit a stumbling block, I can help them turnaround and refocus.

I can find the best available strategies and then get things started and moving fast from a library of proven answers, technologies, methods and a network of top-quality contacts.

Then I work with the executives and investors to ensure the financial support functions at the right level, and that capital is delivered at the right time to balance risk, growth, cash flow and returns.

That means understanding the exit objective and pathway, as well as the valuation model and scenario plans from both sides.

Our People

Our Business management Consultants are all business founders with more than 10 years running our own ventures. We are also all qualified professionals.

Combining those skills with hands on experience makes our team uniquely powerful when helping small to medium growth companies.

We have invested in small to medium companies, and know how investment works, and what is needed from the board.

Our skills cover the 10 dimensions of growth:

People development, Governance, Finance, Financial Control, Fundraising, Finance transformation, Product development, Sales and Marketing, Innovation, Portfolio and Project Management.

We work as a virtual team, with instant access to the right talent from our pool of experts, all working to the highest professional standards, yet bringing deep personal experience and a human face to solving your challenges.

Our Vision

We see a future where small to medium enterprises and their founders thrive through innovation and are valued financially, socially, and politically for their contribution to a sustainable future.

We want to be a powerful and trusted partner to those founders, and to be seen to enable them to achieve their objectives faster and with lower risk than their competitors.

Our 6 Values

Founder Friendly

We believe Founders are the bedrock of good business, and we subscribe to the Founder Friendly Standard v1.1 to the extent that it can be implemented in the UK. We are friends to Founders, and our behaviour is always aligned with the long term interests of entrepreneurs.


We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices. We subscribe to the  UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and expect our clients to do so.


We and our clients value our reputation and insist that we always behave with the highest levels of integrity. We subscribe to the ICAEW code of ethics and insist our clients have the highest levels of personal and corporate integrity. 


We know your problems are urgent. We respond appropriately.


We value diversity and encourage it in all ways, not out of ideology, but because it enhances revenue, growth, sustainability, and resilience. We incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people.


We are here to create new solutions, not rehash the old ones. We address the unarticulated – or “true” needs of our clients. We teach everyone to think like an innovator. We challenge invisible orthodoxies. We harness the underappreciated trends. We leverage embedded competency where we find it.

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