The Best Advice is The Advice You Can Use Today

Advice that takes business founders where they want to go.

Starting a new business

  • Strategy – Start with the end in mind
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Financial modelling
  • Initial funds for smaller to medium businesses

Growth and Investment

  • Strategies with or with additional capital
  • Assess your business attractiveness to investors
  • Investment readiness
  • Address investor requirements

The practicalities of growth

  • Governance and Innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Resilience and Sustainability
  • Cashflow, Sales, Scale, Production

Other routes to success

  • Changing course, pivoting
  • Selling all or part of your business as an exit strategy
  • Urgently responding to change
  • Turnaround advisory, or preparing for closure

For Investors

You have invested in a growth company, and it needs help to achieve its potential.

You need someone who can act as your eyes and ears on the Board to provide serious challenge and support to the team, but who will have empathy with the struggles of growth founders without losing sight of the numbers.


What makes us unique

Business advice from people who have been through the process from startup to sale. From people with decades of professional training as accountants and consultants.

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